Fox 2000 released The Devil Wears Prada movie on June 30, 2006. Meryl Streep (playing Miranda Priestly) and Anne Hathaway (Andy Sachs) are joined by Adrian Grenier, Stanley Tucci, Emily Blunt, and Simon Baker. David Frankel from Sex and the City directs and Oscar-winning Wendy Finerman produces this pitch-perfect film with incredibly gorgeous clothes (and actors). The screenplay was written by Aline Brosh McKenna who, much to Lauren’s dismay, made every remotely entertaining scene from the book even funnier.

In the News

“The Devil Wears Prada is the first classy, elegant and really entertaining film of 2006. It’s about the phony, pretentious, insanely overpriced, death-rattle world of what is laughably called fashion, and the magazines that market what’s left of it to a fan base of gullible consumers who can’t afford it and don’t need it in the first place.” —The New York Observer

“The Devil Wears Prada is the first film to take a 21st-century view of fashion, moving beyond the myth of its practitioners as visionaries, revealing them instead as the exacting functionaries they are: those who live and dress and think according to the seasonal edicts of global conglomerates.” —The New York Times

“This is what I hoped for in my wildest fantasy,” said Elizabeth Gabler, president of Fox 2000, the division behind “Prada. “You just never know with these movies,” Gabler said. “The stars have to be aligned in the right way. I have never had such an amazing reaction to any film I’ve worked on.” —Hollywood Reporter

“With her silver hair and pale skin, her whispery diction as perfect as her posture, Ms. Streep’s Miranda inspires both terror and a measure of awe. No longer simply the incarnation of evil, she is now a vision of aristocratic, purposeful and surprisingly human grace.” —The New York Times